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Established 1998

JillAnne has been creating beautiful, whimsical greeting cards and calendars since 1998.

She currenty lives in Eugene, Oregon and New York City.
She also travels the world to bring inspiration from all aspects of life to her work.

JillAnne established her company 'JILLANNE' in 1998. The initial cards were hand-painted in a square off 49th Street and 8th Avenue in New York City. JillAnne has lived in many wonderful places and with her training as a NYC actor, she is able to tap into each community and its needs. Her designs and sayings have a way of touching the heart in a large, yet simple way. Originally, her company started with 6 hand-painted card designs, JILLANNE now has over 1,000 designs to choose from as well as calendars.

JillAnne's ability to go to the core of the heart and soul with lightness has allowed many clients to express themselves through her custom designs and original artwork.

JillAnne's mission is to create works that help everyone from all walks of life express themselves.

All of the manufacturing is done in-house using recycled paper and packaging.

Email: JA@JillAnne.com

Toll Free: 877-545-5266

Custom designs and originals available for purchase.

No solicitaions please.

All designs, images and sayings copyright 1998-2016 JillAnne