All verse, works of art, concept and design layout are copywritten to JillAnne and may not be reproduced or copied in any form or format without the express written consent of the Artist.

Information on Image Usage:

If you are interested in licensing imagery or verse by JillAnne, please note the following procedures:
For Commercial Usage:
Draft Letter of Intent on your company's letterhead indicating the following:
1. Description of Image.
2. Card code.
3. Synopsis of usage including duration, location, and start date.
4. Your contact information, including: Name, Company, Title, Email Address, Phone Number and Mailing Address.

Email this information to:
Attn: Licensing

Thank you for your request!

For Non-Commercial Usage:
We cannot process requests for non-commercial usage. Thank you for your interest in JillAnne's products and hope you will continue to support a Small Business Owner!
Studio: Toll Free: 877-JillAnne (545-5266)
Fax: 253-645-5266