Press about her 'JillAnne' and her 2010 NYC pop-up shop.

VIDEO: JillAnne on Fox's America's Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman

VIDEO: JillAnne interviewed by Magee Hickey for CBS 2

VIDEO: JillAnne on The NewYork Daily News

My favorite comment that I received:
From Midwest Conservative
"She's brilliant! Took an unusual hobby and got the attention of the news folks, now she has free nationwide advertising with links to her site, and more attention to her business than she could possibly afford to purchase. Wonderful business move.
Pay your dues building your business - 11 years.
Install pole in your shop - $250
Sell cards for a dance - $50
Be the subject of a story linked world-wide on Drudge Report - Priceless!
Other entrepreneurs are no doubt wishing they had the same attention to their business in this economy."